our v.i.p.

Who said you need a baby to buy baby wipes?

Every time we paint, we always have a baby wipe on hand.
(We mean it...every. single. time.)

We typically get our baby wipes in bulk at Sam's Club, but if you don't have a membership or don't need that many at once, we've used Pampers baby wipes and they've worked really well. You can also try these as well.

No. 2

If you know our style, then you know we love us some shading!

We've purchased so many different types of angled brushes and do you wanna know a secret...?
*they all work the exact same!*

Just some simple angled brushes will do the trick! Nothin fancy.

No. 3
more than just for makeup

We love using makeup sponges on our pieces - especially any type of lettering. Fun fact: you can even shade with them too!

We use these ones here, but if you don't need as many and just need a few (or if they are still unavailable) you can get these ones instead!

No. 4

One of the ways we add texture to our pieces is with stencil brushes.

They're perfect for adding highlights or even some fur to any furry friend you're painting!

No. 5
it's all in the details

We are all about the little details - and the best way to get those with painting are cute little detail brushes!

Remember - it's all in the details ;)


There's no better way to make something look vintage, weathered, and rustic than with a chip brush.

You can get a few from here or you can grab them in bulk here.

No. 7
dots + spots

Whether you're dotting some eyes (pun intended) or making some polka spots, these embossing tools are PERFECT!

No. 8
this brown wears the crown

This nutmeg brown paint is one of our favorite brown colors - outside of our Sherwin Williams paint colors - of course!

No. 9

Since we paint a lot and sell finished pieces, we use these FIFO bottles to store our paints. (or you can get them in bulk here).

No. 10
Smaller storage

Or if you don't purchase as much paint and get the 8oz samples from Home Depot or Lowes, these bottles are PERFECT! (and these smaller 4oz. ones are too!)