Sanderson Sisters Tray Set

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Is it even halloween without the Sanderson Sisters? - NOT IN OUR BOOK!

Decorate your home this Halloween with these iconic witches!

Set comes with 3 hand painted wood pieces - perfect for decorating your tiered tray, shelf, mantle, and more! 


Want to paint your own? Check out our Sanderson Sisters DIY wood kit!

  • bases measure at 4.75" wide
  • Hand painted (no vinyl) + lightly distressed

  • Laser cut

  • Each item is handcrafted in the USA (Woodstock, Georgia)

  • Due to each item being hand painted details may vary slightly, making each product unique and one-of-a-kind

  • Does not include tiered tray, greenery, or any other props or decor

  • All artwork + paintings Copyright © 2021 Peach + Valley
  • 2-3 weeks